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A real estate broker since 2004, Tom joined The Buyer’s Agent in 2006 because he knew if he were looking to buy a home, he would want that level of dedicated service for himself. He enjoys the single minded focus of representing and negotiating for his buyer clients. As the son of a hard working salesman from Chicago, Tom always employs his father’s mantra that listening to people is more important than talking to them.

Tom and his wife Kelly left the hustle and bustle of Atlanta in 2001 seeking a better quality of life in a vibrant small town surrounded by natural beauty. They love raising their two teenagers here, always seeking new hiking and running experiences. Tom also has familiarized himself with the nooks and crannies of Asheville through his passion for road cycling.

Tom and Kelly foster their love of architecture and design through their antique importing business, The Source. This passion for creating a warm and inviting home environment has been immeasurably important with his clients through the years. He has a keen ability to connect a client’s wants and needs to the reality of the housing market.

Tom is proud to have served many clients more than once as their housing needs have grown and changed. Community and relationship building is at the heart of what he brings to the table.

What Tom’s Clients Say

Back in 2009, Tom helped Merrie and I to find our first home in Asheville. Tom was a thoughtful guide as we explored the Asheville housing market for the first time. He helped us to navigate the process with ease and reassurance, knowledge of the area, attention to detail, bursts of levity when things were stressful, and his signature punctuality. As Tom says, “10 minutes early is five minutes late.” We lived in that home for 11 wonderful years, but with the addition of a few little ones we needed some more space to spread out. So we made the obvious decision and called Tom. As you may imagine, buying a house with Tom’s help was just as nice the second time around. Merrie and Stuart

When buying my first real estate in Asheville, knowing no one to ask for a referral, I chose Tom simply because he owned an antique store. My reasoning was that he may understand my appreciation for quality and unique craftsmanship. And what a fortunate choice it was. Over the years Tom has been instrumental in four additional real estate purchases, both residential and commercial. He is patient, accommodating, professional, and simply a joy to work with. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Debbie Word

Tom’s expertise of the different areas of Asheville was essential in finding a house that was perfect for my family. My husband and I trusted Tom’s professionalism through the process of house buying. He was very knowledgeable of the area and was able to work hard for us as our agent. We bought a beautiful home, for a lower price than the asking price, and Tom handled many of the remaining details. The seller contacted Tom an inordinate number of times, but his patience and professionalism in dealing with the seller’s persistent inquiries made the transition to our new house go smoothly. As acquaintances/friends think of moving to the area, I immediately give them Tom Haskin’s name as a person who will work hard for them to find their new home.

Steve and Canda Molinari