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Buying a house for the first time can be an overwhelming process. Jon Corbin, our buyer’s agent, not only helped us find our dream home, but also helped us tremendously through the process, contributing to a successful and wonderful experience! Jon was always attentive, available, and had our best interest. Jon was recommended to us by a friend and we also highly recommend him.

From the moment Robert first talked to you on the phone from San Diego through the entire search and closing, you delivered service “beyond the call of duty.” Every request, every question, every suggestion we made, you delivered your best. Your work ethic and dedication to your job was more than apparent. You truly love to serve others, whether it is through your job, your church, or your involvement in the community. As the first friend we’ve made since moving to the Asheville area, you certainly gave us a great first impression of the warmth and generosity of Western North Carolina. Thank you for everything you’ve done to smooth the way for our transition to becoming Tar Heels.

Melinda stands out to us because she met our needs in a very professional manner. She treated her work with us as a job that she took seriously and also enjoyed. She did what she said she would do and worked to find us a home within the geographical area and price range we were specific about. Even when we overlooked a property that fit our specifics exactly, she responsibly held our stated needs as a mirror for us to look at, asking us to look at the property or let her know if our search criteria had changed. Thankfully, professionally pointing out to us what we said we wanted, led to the purchase of that very property as our first home! She gave us good advice in what price to offer, was as excited as we were in the bidding process, and was willing to let go when we would not match the seller’s price after the second negotiation. Amazingly, the seller called her a week later to meet our price after all. She honored us every step of the way.

Jon helped us find our dream home in Fletcher, NC. He was very laid-back and we saw a good number of houses. His style fit well with my and my wife’s way of browsing houses–we tend to like to talk and think about the house without a lot of interference, and Jon is among the least pushy realtors I’ve met. He is always ready with expertise on everything from construction quality to local amenities, but he does not say much if you don’t ask for it. For us, this was a big plus. He was also great about letting us see properties that we browsed online (we moved here from out of town). I also like that Jon only represents buyers. This fact keeps at bay the conflicts of interest that are rampant in this industry. If you’re considering working with an agent who represents both sellers and buyers, please remember that your agent may favor/push certain properties simply because they stand to profit more from selling them to you. With Jon, you don’t have to worry about this–he simply doesn’t represent sellers. Ever. Overall, if you’re moving to somewhere Jon is willing to help you buy a house, you really can’t go wrong.

We had a wonderful experience with The Buyers Agent as first time homeowners.  Moe made time to show us every property we asked for at our convenience, often carving out several hours to show us multiple listings in a single morning.  While most realtors will show you listings outside of your “must-have” list and budget limitations, Moe’s background in construction allowed him to handpick properties with the potential to give us what we wanted in a home.  We appreciated being able to talk about potential renovations or the possibilities of a fixer upper with someone who truly understood the cost and labor of such projects.  The house we ended up buying wasn’t even on our radar that morning – Moe tacked it on after we saw three other properties because he saw the value of the location and the unique character we wanted that was lacking in newer/larger properties.  Six months in and not only are we are thrilled with our north Asheville bungalow, but we’ve taken Moe’s advice on how to prioritize and save for upgrades that will turn this house from great to perfect!

We have moved 4 times in the last 10 years and realtors we have dealt with talk about service, but Melinda Splain actually delivers it–in spades. When Melinda met us at the home for one last time before making an offer, she had done her homework. Because of her knowledge about comps in the area and home values, she was able to negotiate an extremely good price for us.

Working with a buyer’s agent makes so much sense. Blake truly addressed, protected, and served our interests. From our first meeting with Blake as newcomers to Asheville, she met our needs by introducing us to the many different communities of Buncombe County. We lived about 350 miles away, so Blake accommodated our schedule by spending several hours each weekend we were able to come house hunting. She also gave great advice and assistance during the processes of making an offer, getting an inspection, and navigating closing. Her job was complicated by our being so far away, but she made everything come together smoothly–even getting the heavy snowfall cleared from the drive the day we took possession of our new home!

We first met Claire when she was the agent for the buyer of the home we were selling. Her professionalism and knowledge impressed us, so we contacted her when we needed a buyer’s agent ourselves. She listened carefully to our needs and tirelessly helped us navigate the neighborhoods that would work best for us. When we found the property we wanted, she assisted us from the initial offer to the change order to the inspection all the way to the closing.

Claire Bartholic is fantastic! She helped me find my first home.The final choice was such a great fit, I have remained in it for 11 years! Claire was very accessible as well as patient when working with my “buying a first home” jitters. She helped me weed through the local offerings that allowed me to zero in on what I was really looking for in a home. If I ever move again, I will certainly choose Claire.


I recommend Jon to everyone I meet that is thinking of buying a house. Jon helped me find my new home and then helped every step of the way with the buying process. I first saw my new home on the 19th July and moved on the 12th August (and that was with arranging a mortgage). He is very professional.

Jon has been on our team the whole process. Easy to be honest with, quick to respond when we wanted to see a house, and never pushy. He would give his opinion in areas we asked, and listen to us along the way as well. We were sad to be done with the purchasing process simply because we had enjoyed walking through that journey with Jon.

Moving to Asheville in 2009 was made much easier with our buyers agent, Jon Corbin. He helped us locate not only the perfect home for us, but also a temporary apartment pending our out of state home sale. Jon is a competent professional of high integrity who we strongly recommend!

Back in 2009, Tom helped Merrie and I to find our first home in Asheville. Tom was a thoughtful guide as we explored the Asheville housing market for the first time. He helped us to navigate the process with ease and reassurance, knowledge of the area, attention to detail, bursts of levity when things were stressful, and his signature punctuality. As Tom says, “10 minutes early is five minutes late.” We lived in that home for 11 wonderful years, but with the addition of a few little ones we needed some more space to spread out. So we made the obvious decision and called Tom. As you may imagine, buying a house with Tom’s help was just as nice the second time around. Merrie and Stuart

Randall was dedicated to helping me with any and all questions and in coaching me in buying my home. He is a caring agent and will go the distance in negotiations and communications.

Jon is the absolute best. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and helpful, he is a terrific person. When you are going from house to house, trying to find something to live in, it’s really a plus to have a real estate guy along who is pleasant and funny. Also, I have known Jon for virtually all of his 13 years of experience, and I have referred many people to him. They all rave about him. He makes house hunting as easy as it can be. Then, when you find a place, he makes the purchase as smooth as it can be. Jon gets my highest possible recommendation.

Claire helped us find just the right first home eleven years ago. When we decided to move our growing family into a bigger place this year we knew Claire was the right choice again. She was expert at helping us navigate several multiple offer situations, giving us solid advice, and being a strong advocate in the negotiation process. When we zeroed in on a specific neighborhood she did some detective work to find a renovation that was a few weeks from coming onto the market. We never would have known about this listing without her help and Claire’s persistence got us in the door first. I believe that was the key to us getting this house, and also saved us money in such an active market!

Thank you Melinda Splain, our Buyer’s Agent, for making the journey fun instead of tense, uncomplicated instead of daunting. And especially for never giving up on us to find that very special place we call home.

Jon worked with me for a couple of months before I found the right place. He was always patient, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful, even after the closing. I’d recommend him highly to anyone looking for a house.

When my fiancé and I decided it was time to purchase our first home, we weren’t really sure what to expect.  We were so lucky to find Jeremy  “Moe” Jordan!  Not only was he there with us the every step of the way, but he was able to find us exactly what we were envisioning and for the perfect price!  There is no one else we would recommend to family and friends!

Tom’s expertise of the different areas of Asheville was essential in finding a house that was perfect for my family. My husband and I trusted Tom’s professionalism through the process of house buying. He was very knowledgeable of the area and was able to work hard for us as our agent. We bought a beautiful home, for a lower price than the asking price, and Tom handled many of the remaining details. The seller contacted Tom an inordinate number of times, but his patience and professionalism in dealing with the seller’s persistent inquiries made the transition to our new house go smoothly. As acquaintances/friends think of moving to the area, I immediately give them Tom Haskin’s name as a person who will work hard for them to find their new home.

Jon Corbin is definitely top notch. His professionalism, experience, and expertise helped me navigate through the home-buying process. When I gave Jon my very specific (and limited) parameters, he focused on my needs and spent our time together very productively. Jon listens. Jon valued my time when scheduling appointments and looking for the “right” home for me. He responded quickly and concisely to all my questions and requests for information. Jon was recommended by a friend of mine, and I have since recommended him to several others. Thank you, Jon, for finding me the perfect home so quickly.

Thanks for everything, Claire. We have been enjoying our new home. You are the best!

Jeremy is knowledgeable, professional, and possesses sharp real estate instinct. We were first time homebuyers with no idea how to move forward. With Jeremy’s patient guidance, we felt like we were getting an education, as well as a great buying experience. And he’s still providing great service two years after the sale! We’re 100% satisfied and recommend him to all our friends.

We feel incredibly lucky to have chosen Melinda Splain as our real estate agent.  When we began working with Melinda, we lived out of state and were unfamiliar with the greater Asheville area.  Melinda did an excellent job of listening to our needs, wants and dislikes regarding houses and neighborhoods, and she quickly showed us a number of suitable properties.  Once we settled on a property, she provided valuable guidance during the negotiation process and then met with the inspectors since we were living out of state.  Working with Melinda was a wonderful experience.

Claire helped us purchase a vacation home from long distance. Thanks to Claire, the process was smooth and successful beyond our expectations. She led us seamlessly through each step of the process. She is a hard working, honest, knowledgeable, and responsive agent. We highly recommend Claire!

We recently took the journey of buying our first home and were prepared for the worst! We heard so many stories about how long it might take and all the obstacles we might face, but we were pleasantly surprised. Jeremy made our house search easy with daily listings and quickly arranging appointments around our hectic schedules. Once we found our house, which took no time at all, Jeremy made sure we had everything in order & was able to answer all of our questions. I don’t believe it could have gone any easier; Jeremy made the whole process a pleasant experience. His knowledge and professionalism is top notch! We have already recommended him to several friends.

When I was in the market for buying a home in late 2008, I found Jon Corbin’s card at my place of business and gave him a call. Right off the bat he was extremely helpful and patient with all of my inquisitions (and I ask way too many questions!) little did I know I was talking to the owner not to one of his agents. I was so impressed that the owner gave me so much of his time just to answer my questions over the phone. After that conversation we knew we would find no one better than Jon to help us in our search for our first home. Jon is committed to searching for the perfect house. We sent him our needs, wants and price range and he sent us listings that fit. Other agents I had worked with in the past, consistently sent things out of our price range which was very frustrating. Being first time home buyers, we didn’t know the process and Jon walked us through every step, providing helpful suggestions to get us to that wonderful day of closing. And Jon’s support did not end on that day; he is always willing to help with anything that comes up. I have recommended Jon to several friends who have also bought houses with him and had a wonderful experience as well. I highly recommend Jon as an agent; he will rise above every expectation!

Melinda’s warm southern charm, experience and knowledge of Asheville really won us over. We felt very comfortable with her and trusted that she cared about helping us find the home of our dreams.

When buying my first real estate in Asheville, knowing no one to ask for a referral, I chose Tom simply because he owned an antique store. My reasoning was that he may understand my appreciation for quality and unique craftsmanship. And what a fortunate choice it was. Over the years Tom has been instrumental in four additional real estate purchases, both residential and commercial. He is patient, accommodating, professional, and simply a joy to work with. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Working with Randall was a breeze! There are so many very important things to consider as you’re shopping for your new or first home. Randall had the experience as a buyer’s agent, the insight into the negotiation process and the knowledge of the Asheville market to help us purchase not only a house we could afford but a home we love!

Jon Corbin provided us with a local’s expertise of the Asheville area, and his responsive communication and supportive style made us feel like we had a great relationship. He helped us find our “forever home”! We recommend him unreservedly!

My husband Drew and I would highly recommend Jon as a real estate agent. From the moment we met him, he was knowledgeable, responsive and attentive. He was never pushy, and was flexible in working with our timeline and schedules. He responded very quickly to texts and emails, including on weekends and over the holidays. When decided to make an offer on a house, Jon negotiated the best price possible. We went under contract on a house with the intention to refinish the basement and Jon attended countless appointments with contractors. We couldn’t have been happier with Jon, and know we would use him again in the future!

We would give our highest recommendation for anyone interested in buying a house in the greater Asheville area to use Jon and his extensive talents. Jon very patiently deciphered our needs and matched us up with the best house possible for our family. I think his focus as only a “buyer’s agent” provides an extra level service than you would expect from your typical real estate agent who focuses on a wide range of properties to buy and sell.

Jon was excellent. He helped my wife and I buy a great house in a very competitive market. Jon was always available to answer questions via text, email, and phone. And, when we put an offer on our house or had to iron-out contract details, he stayed up way past business hours to make sure things got done. I think we were communicating with Jon at 11:00PM one evening to get an e-contract signed! What’s more, Jon was also able to find good local brokers and inspectors. When our initial loan fell through, Jon recommended a local broker who pulled out all the stops for us. His knowledge of local resources was v. useful. Lastly, I found Jon pleasant to work with on a personal level — something that I find important. Thank you Jon!

It is our immense pleasure to recommend Jeremy Jordan as a home buyers agent for any individual or family searching for the ideal home for their unique situation. We relocated to Asheville from Alaska we were living with my parents, so we needed a place to call home fast. We were in the search for single family house inside the Asheville City School District with a low price point.  Jeremy did not shy away from the challenge and stayed with us through decision changes, bank issues, our two young children and weird work schedules.

Jeremy worked with us for 11 months and showed us everything we wanted to see. He knows the Asheville area like the back of his hand. There is nothing that escapes his attention when it comes to property for sale in this area. At each house he gave us great unbiased information. He waited patiently while we looked throughout the house and answered all our questions. He was honest about houses that were bad options.

We found him to be a highly attentive agent, almost as if we were his only customers, although we know that was not the case. He returned all phone calls and emails the same day. We never felt neglected or unimportant. He is also highly personable with an engaging personality.

We are pleased to recommend Jeremy Jordan to anyone looking to buy a home. He is hands down the best in the business. In our opinion he is the true definition of a home buyer, he only had our best interests at heart at all times.

Great agent! Patient, hard working, listened carefully to our needs. Very straight forward and trustworthy. We found the right place with lots of work and very importantly he stayed on top of all the follow up details to make the purchase process easy. Everything worked smoothly. It was our 5th home purchase around the country and it was the best and least stressful process of all. A lot due to Jon’s work style- relaxed , supportive, patient and thoroughly. Top recommendation. Found him on the web and were completely satisfied.

I can’t speak highly enough of the experience I had working with Jon. He is a local, and knows Asheville inside and out. He provided good insight and worked to help me find the home I was looking for. He is prompt to answer questions and is readily available. I am a first time homebuyer, and he walked me through every step of the process. I am tied up with work most of the day, and Jon did most of the legwork during the transaction so I didn’t have to. I got an incredible deal due to his knowledge of the market and the negotiation process. There were several instances when he went above and beyond what one would expect of an agent when I was having issues with my lender in order to meet my closing date. I have worked with a lot of professionals in various fields, but Jon stands out and has my highest recommendation.

I’ve worked with many real estate agents and this was my best experience ever. Jon is friendly and knowledgeable. He actually listens to what it is you’re looking for and then focuses on those properties. He didn’t try to talk me into looking at homes that didn’t match my criteria or were outside my preferred price range. He was not pushy, but once I made a decision, he stayed on top of the process, always advocating for me.

Jeremy’s passion for the Asheville area was obvious from the start and made our search and home buying process a pleasure. His familiarity with the area, extensive knowledge and experience enabled him to take our search criteria and efficiently pinpoint areas and specific neighborhoods of interest. His thorough preparation was always respectful of our time and allowed our outings to be exciting and enjoyable, but most importantly, productive. From start to finish, Jeremy was always accessible and worked tirelessly to make our home buying experience everything we could have hoped for.

Jon is a superb real estate professional. He was very responsive and accommodating in meeting our purchasing needs. His wealth of local and regional knowledge was extremely helpful in our search. And, his business experience and expertise were particularly valuable in negotiating the purchasing process and securing local resources. I highly recommend Jon to service your real estate needs.

Claire was wonderful to work with and explained every part of the process clearly when we purchased our first house with her in 2014. She was extremely patient as we searched and scoured for our home and was great at negotiating our final price. I highly recommend using Claire as your buying agent.

We really enjoyed working with you and appreciate all of your time, knowledge and friendship. You made it work.

Jon worked with us for many months as we searched for a second home. He was very knowledgeable about the community, the market, the buying process – everything about the buying experience. My wife and I have bought and sold six properties and have now purchased a seventh. In those thirteen transactions we have seen what can go wrong and what can go right. This was by far the easiest and most satisfactory real estate transaction we have experienced. What we most appreciated was that Jon quickly discerned what features were most important to us and helped us find properties that fit those requirements. He was always willing to accommodate our wishes, but after a short time he directed us toward properties that he thought we might like even though they had not caught our eye. In every case, he was right and we ended up choosing a property that looked less than appealing on the internet but which fit our needs exactly. I will emphasize that he was in no way pushy or directive but worked hard to hear what we wanted and to help us find it. In addition, Jon was extremely helpful in many ways that went well beyond the minimum. On top of that he is funny and very personable. I have seen real estate agents that pushed us toward what was most profitable for them, agents who repeatedly suggested properties that showed they had not heard a thing we had said, and agents who could not be bothered extending any effort. If this review sounds a bit too enthusiastic, that comes not from a lack of experience, but because it is so amazing when you find someone who stands above the rest.

I would highly recommend Jon to anyone looking to purchase a new home. I can’t say enough good things about the service Jon provides to his clients. He is very knowledgeable about the local market and is one of the hardest working people I know. I have referred friends and family to Jon after my experience and will continue to recommend him to everyone. Jon is good about returning phone calls and good about following up. I would highly recommend Jon to anyone and everyone!!!!

In fall 2010 we moved to the Asheville area, and began a house hunt.  We had found some advertising for The Buyer’s Agent, and Melinda Splain and gave her a call.  Immediately in our first phone conversation with Melinda we knew we had the right person to help us find a home.  As time went on we learned that Melinda’s level of knowledge, expertise, experience, and personal approach were beyond our expectations.  She met with us to learn our requirements, provided us needed information, and immediately began a house search for us.  There was no “hard sell”, she worked at our pace, and was flexible in scheduling her time.  We felt throughout that she was committed to giving us the best possible experience with minimal stress and a positive outcome.  Melinda’s knowledge of real estate and the Buncombe County area were very helpful in our decision making process.  She was a tremendous asset for us as newcomers giving us additional recommendations about businesses and vendors.
We happily recommend Melinda to those looking for a property.  In the event we again are house hunting, there is no doubt we will turn to Melinda.  Along with her high level of expertise and knowledge, she is a joy to work with.

Jon Corbin assisted us in the purchase of our first home 12 years ago and 13 acres of land 4 years ago. He is the most amazing agent with whom we have worked. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, personable and efficient. He is exceptionally trustworthy and “down to earth”. We have recommended him too many of our friends over the years and have received the same feedback from them as well. If you are a buyer, I would not choose any other agent.

As a first-time home buyer I struggled with finding an agent who would work with me, and the want/needs that I had. After an unsuccessful search two years ago, where I did most of the looking and making appointments – with the hope my agent would actually show up, I put my search on hold. I started looking again in July of 2011 and found Jeremy Jordan with The Buyer’s Agent of Asheville. Jeremy made the process very easy for me. He always worked with my schedule, was dependable, and always provided his honest opinion. He understood what I was looking for and never showed me homes that were out of my price range or tried to “sell” me on a property that didn’t suit my needs. After the inspection, he followed the process carefully to make sure everything was going smoothly. He went above and beyond my expectations at every turn.

The entire process – from my initial contact with Jeremy to the closing – was about as stress-free as a home purchase can be. There is true value in choosing an agent who is only on the buyer’s side, and I highly recommend Jeremy Jordan and The Buyer’s Agent of Asheville’s services

I have the highest regard for Jon Corbin. He and I recently worked on a purchase outside of Asheville, NC. This was my third home purchase, and Jon is simply a different kind of agent. After promising myself I wouldn’t end a real estate transaction feeling dissatisfied anymore, I did my research on the internet and learned the distinct advantage of working with a true buyer’s agent that doesn’t list any homes. Then I found Jon by using Zillow and reading the reviews. As others have mentioned, when Jon shows you houses, he quietly lets you assess the properties yourself rather than pushing you in any direction. Jon explained that he wouldn’t be serving his fiduciary duty to push you on any house. He is the most honest real estate person I have ever dealt with. He knows his business and gives exceptional advice regarding obtaining pricing that is to the buyer’s advantage instead of the seller’s. If I ever buy another home in the area, Jon is the person I would work with. I’ve never thought that about anyone else.

We chose Judy to help us begin our search for a future retirement home in Asheville, NC. We traveled to Asheville on several occasions and each time, Judy was well prepared, pro-active and maintained an excellent schedule of appropriate homes to visit. Judy identified what we were looking for and met our expectations completely. In the final decision, we chose a home that Judy suggested we look at that was not even in our plans. By listening to us and taking the time to know us, she better understood the lifestyle we were looking for and helped us see many housing opportunities in Asheville. She was respectful of our time and went out of her way to work around our travel and time frame.

Randall Barnett’s experience, knowledge and expertise were invaluable in the purchase of my home. He was easy to work with and always accessible. The Buyer’s Agent of Asheville and Mr. Barnett gave order to the chaotic process of buying a home.

I want to commend Claire for her hard work on behalf of us in buying our first home. She was very patient and professional throughout the entire process. When we wanted information or had a request, she never failed to assist us in a timely manner. We recommend Claire to anybody who needs help coordinating the various transactions and information needed to result in a closing. Way to go, Claire!

Thank you for all of your hard work. You put so much effort into my new house and you made everything so smooth for me. You are a great agent and a wonderful person. I will recommend everyone to you.

Even though he wasn’t going to get the huge commission that a million-dollar sale would give him, Randall still gave us the million-dollar treatment. He took us to as little or as many houses we wanted, both evenings and weekends in order to fit around our busy schedules. Not only did he go out of his way to make our experience as stress-free as possible, but he never treated us like second-rate clients. He always answered any of our questions, often before we could ask them, and we never felt rushed into a sale or even a contract. He was able to save us more money than we ever expected and get us into a neighborhood we NEVER thought we could afford. Randall supported us completely, and for that we are very grateful.

We just can’t say enough good things about Jon. He was very knowledgeable about the local market, provided great advice, showed us property that we were interested in purchasing given the time he spent getting to know exactly what we were looking for. Jon was very helpful in navigating the whole “process”, and always quick to help resolve any issue. Jon always returned calls immediately with an “answer”. In short, there is not enough space to sing all his praises. We would highly recommend Jon to anyone and everyone!!!!

On a scale of 1-10, I’d rate Claire a 12!

We still talk highly of Melinda who helped us 4 yrs ago to find our first home. We recommend her to others when we know they need a Buyers Agent and would hire her today if we were looking for a new property. Melinda stands out to us because she met our needs in a very professional manner. She treated her work with us as a job that she took seriously and also enjoyed. She did what she said she would do and worked to find us a home within the geographical area and price range we were specific about. Even when we overlooked a property that fit our specifics exactly, she responsibly held our stated needs as a mirror for us to look at, asking us to look at the property or let her know if our search criteria had changed. Thankfully, professionally pointing out to us what we said we wanted, led to the purchase of that very property as our first home! Melinda’s skills are superb, personally and in the realm of real estate knowledge. She gave us good advice in what price to offer, was as excited as we were in the bidding process, and was willing to let go when we would not match the seller’s price after the second negotiation. Amazingly, the seller called her a week later to meet our price after all. She honored us every step of the way. Melinda is kind, thoughtful, an excellent listener, holds boundaries, and makes a great real estate agent. We can’t say enough!

Jon’s in-depth knowledge of the Asheville area was very helpful in our search particularly since we were new to the area. He understood what we were looking for, was very proactive, helped us think through options, and was great during the purchase negotiations. We are thrilled with our new home here, and would highly recommend Jon.

Jon was very knowledgeable of the area and understood what we were looking for in a condo. He was honest and up front with us and helped negotiate a good price for our condo. He always responded to our emails and phone calls in a timely manner.

We loved working with Jon Corbin, our buyer’s agent. Not only did he help us find our dream home, but also helped us tremendously through the process, contributing to a successful and wonderful experience! Jon was always attentive, available, and had our best interest. And best of all, never pressured us into buying a home. Jon was recommended to us by a friend and we also highly recommend him.

Almost 9 years ago, we picked Claire to be our buyer’s agent when we moved to Asheville from Costa Rica, looking for a home with a big, open kitchen with potential to be the site of our cottage industry chocolate business. When we first met her, we knew we had met a friend. After driving through beautiful Buncombe County seeing our chosen hometown from so many perspectives, she helped put us in a place that remains our home to this day. Fortunately we got to move our commercial kitchen to our brick and mortar business, and our castle has only gotten better. So grateful for you helping us get there, Claire!

Our family recently purchased a home in Asheville with Melinda Splain as our buyer’s agent. We couldn’t have asked for a better agent. Melinda was courteous, professional, and patient throughout the entire process. We greatly appreciated how she made herself completely available to us during the limited time we had for house-hunting since we were moving from New York. It was evident that she was sincerely interested in finding a home that met both our needs and lifestyle. Her market knowledge enabled us to get a fabulous deal on a wonderful home. Melinda Splain was without a doubt the best agent we have ever worked with and we highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home in Asheville.

As a first time home buyer Melinda made it so easy.  Her knowledge of the area, her patience and her ability to work within the guidelines that you set makes her a vital asset to your home purchasing experience.  She was incredible!  I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to purchase a home in Asheville.  You will not be disappointed.  Many thanks!!!

Jeremy helped us relocate from the Chicago area. This was our first time working with a “Buyer’s Agent”, and by far our best Real Estate experience!  After meeting with him in December, and again in April, we were confident that he knew exactly what we were looking for in a home.  

The day we had a contract on our Illinois home, we called him and said the buyers wanted an early close and we needed to find a place ASAP.  Within hours, he sent a list of homes that fit our criteria. The next day, Jeremy drove out to the property we chose, sent some additional pictures, walked through the house, and made an offer on our behalf.  We drove out the day after the offer was accepted, to put down the earnest money and due diligence deposits. Since we were only in town for one afternoon, Jeremy managed to arrange (on very short notice) for the home inspection to be completed while we were here.

Throughout the process, he patiently answered every one of our many questions, put us in touch with the right people to make it happen, and followed through on everything from start to finish.  WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT HIM!

Our closings were scheduled two days apart – we honestly didn’t think it would happen. Without Jeremy’s advice and assistance, we’re sure it wouldn’t have happened.  We asked nearly the impossible of him, and he delivered on every count.  He certainly exceeded our expectations!

We would recommend Jeremy to anyone looking to buy a home in the Asheville area! 

Carol & Pat McEvoy

After an unsatisfactory experience with Beverly-Hanks, which included poor communication, slow responses, and inept home showings, we decided to switch realtors. Jon Corbin came highly recommended. We were first time homebuyers and couldn’t have found a better teammate. Not only did we buy the very first home he showed us (which showed us he was listening to what we wanted), he also gave honest feedback as we weighed options and made big decisions. His guidance was flawless. He is a true buyer’s agent and we felt well informed during the entire process from finding to buying. I can’t say enough good things about Jon Corbin.

We have moved quite a bit in the last few years, knowing we weren’t in the area we wanted to settle down in.  Due to experiencing many types of houses or apartments, we had built up a list of needed, wanted, and nice-to-have features, when it came to buying a home.

Working with Jeremy Jordan from The Buyer’s Agent of Asheville made our process so much easier.  He met with us to discuss how everything works, expectations, and what our respective parts were in all of it.  Jeremy got us the answers we needed, and helped re-align some of our list items.  He also stayed on top of the lender, the selling agent, and the project manager to help us achieve our goal of getting into our new home before Christmas, and before family was scheduled to visit for the holidays.
Buying your first home can be an overwhelming experience.  Jeremy took a lot of that pressure off, and we would recommend Jeremy and The Buyer’s Agent of Asheville to anyone.

Most people don’t purchase a lot of homes in their lifetime. It’s reassuring to have a buyer’s agent on your side to be your guide throughout the process. Claire Bartholic helped me through my relocation, from learning about the Asheville area before I was ready to move, to closing on my personal retreat, and through a lot of ups and downs in between. I would estimate that Claire saved me about ten thousand dollars in purchasing my home. But she saved me immeasurable amounts of money on the houses I didn’t buy. Claire has my highest endorsement. Her knowledge, enthusiasm, and support are unmatched. Call Claire, she loves Asheville as much as you do.

My husband and I were very pleased with our buying experience. We were moving from out of state and Jon went above and beyond to help in every way that he could. From taking videos of properties when we couldn’t be in town, to the negotiations, and even going so far as meeting painters (to let them in) after the closing. He helped us to feel comfortable every step of the way, is very prompt with replies, and is very knowledgable and truly concerned with finding a home that meets your needs. We would highly recommend Jon and will certainly look to him again if ever buying another home.

Jon was hands down the very best realtor that I have dealt with. He really strives to find the house for you without using any typical sales pressure. He was able to identify neighborhoods that were a good fit with my needs. He negotiated a great deal for me and then recommended excellent people to provide the updates that the house needed. I can recommend him without reservation.

Claire is awesome. When I was looking for my first home she was relentless and had several places lined up each time we got together. She was honest and told me what she thought. At one point we were looking at a house and in the middle of viewing it she turned to me “Please don’t buy this house” and she began to list a series of reasons why. She helped find the perfect house for me, with all I wanted. The whole experience was perfect and I could not recommend a better realtor to help you find your new home.

Jon Corbin helped us find the perfect house for us in the Asheville area when we didn’t even know ourselves what we were looking for! He possesses a very effective combination of intimate knowledge of the Asheville area, housing market search capability, and people skills to match his clients with the properties that suit their needs, desires, and resources. We can’t recommend him highly enough!

Claire was great helping me buy my first home. She was very available to show me houses and talked me through the pros and cons of various homes. I would highly recommend Claire!

Jon was great to work with. He is professional, kind, and best of all he knows the area well. He helped us find our dream home. He made himself very available long way and took time to carefully explain each step of the process. I would highly recommend Jon to my friends and family.

“We just cant say enough good things about Jon. This was the third time we have used Jon when we purchased homes in Asheville. There really is not enough good things to say about how fast his communication is, and his knowledge of the market. One of the things that has impressed me in each one of our transactions is that Jon thinks of things that you haven’t though of, and points out even what he sees as a potential negative that you haven’t considered, this in my book is an excellent quality in a sales person……complete integrity, and not just someone looking to make a sale. A tremendous asset to have on your side!!”

I came from Seattle WA to visit Asheville in Oct. 2011. I was introduced by a dear friend to Jon Corbin…the Buyer’s Agent…and it was the best real estate experience I have ever encountered! Within 3 weeks of working with Jon…I had purchased a beautiful home in Historic Montford…returned to Seattle…completed the purchase…and am looking forward to moving and living in Asheville. Jon Corbin is the perfect example of honesty, integrity, professionalism and downright southern charm! I would highly recommend Jon as your “buyer’s agent”.and would like to suggest that one should consider “cloning” him! An outstanding young man and a top notch realtor and buyer’s agent!

As a first-time homebuyer, I had plenty of questions (and experiential gaps) when seeking a rental to buy. Claire was incredibly patient and knowledgeable throughout the process of finding a home to fit my needs. Her honest and practical advice saved me a lot of money and headaches, and she has been more than willing to guide me through any follow-up issues I’ve had after the closing. I will continue to recommend Claire Bartholic to anyone looking for honest answers as they navigate the purchase of a home.

I bought my first home with Claire back in 2003, she was so awesome that I made a point to search her out when we bought our second home last year. Informative, quick, efficient and helpful, Claire has everything you want in a real estate agent along with a great knack for matching people with their ideal properties. I don’t think we will ever buy another home since we bought our dream home last year, but if we do, we will seek out Claire again!

Claire guided me through the process of purchasing my first house. She was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and enthusiastic about it every step of the way. I greatly appreciated all extra information and insight she offered while searching for my house. Being very knowledgeable of the area and open to her client’s interests, she can help anyone find their perfect fit!

When I decided to buy my first house I knew that I needed to move fast in the current market. Claire jumped right on board and made the time for me immediately, helping me to get into my first home within just a couple of months. She’s no-nonsense and realistic, and not just out to make a sale.

Randall was the perfect choice for this first-time home buyer. He is very knowledgeable of the area and will help you find the home you are looking for.

Judy, I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for all you have done for us. We love our house, and we’re making great memories in it. In fact, we just gave our little one her first bath!

Jon is a friendly, professional, responsive and skilled realtor across the board! I needed to find a place FAST, and he stepped right in and worked hard to make it happen – I was actually able to find a place and move in within 1 month! It’s very important, when you spend as much time with a person as you do when you’re looking at houses, to be in the company of someone with great people skills, and Jon absolutely does. And just a side note: his mother, Frances Corbin, who works with Jon, is equally as nice, responsive and professional. If Jon was ever unable to be somewhere, Frances was always there with a smile on her face, ready to help. I love these two!

We’ve bought two homes with Melinda Splain, and we can’t imagine working with anyone else. She has expert knowledge in home construction and in the Asheville market, which is a highly diverse market that can pose unique challenges. Melinda is incredibly detail-oriented and responsive, which keeps the process flowing smoothly. Her judgment and advice have been invaluable in buying both a primary residence and a vacation property. Melinda is also a genuinely nice person who is a pleasure to work with and to know. She is hands-down our favorite realtor.

We purchased our first home in 2009. Claire was extremely helpful during the whole process, and as new homeowners we really needed the professional help. Highly recommend!