Home Owners Get Smart by Choosing Exclusive Buyer’s Agents instead of Big Box Realtors In Asheville, North Carolina, Who Guarantee to Save Them Time and Money.

The Buyer’s Agent of Asheville has helped clients save thousands of dollars in real estate purchases for over 10 years, and is now guaranteeing a better home buying experience. Home Buyers are getting educated about working with national chain real estate agents and how that may have a negative impact on their home buying experience.

From January 1, 2012 – October 31, 2012, Asheville, North Carolina Real Estate (Buncombe County Specifically) saw 95 units of distressed sales at a median sales price of $150,000 and 201 units of non-distressed sales at a median sales price of $225,000. This numbers by themselves do not add up to much, however when you look at the big picture of what a Realtor gets paid per transaction, it is a whole different ball game.

National real estate firms have to keep their numbers up to pay overhead and keep customers happy. These firms are both listing and selling agents. When a realtor lists a property they are now working to get listings. Part of the agreement is to bring walk-in traffic to the house listed for sale. As a big box retailer, feeding their agencies listed property to potential buyers is a standard practice. Why? The company and realtor make more money in the transaction. There is less negotiation due to the fact that the buyer and seller are essentially working with the same agent.

Representing both sides, also called dual agency, is exactly like a lawyer representing both sides in the courtroom. Understanding real property values, seller circumstances and property inspections, you can literally save thousands on a new or existing home purchase by choosing a firm that guarantees a better home buying experience.

The Buyer’s Agent has stepped up to the plate to guarantee to save clients time and money and is working for their clients, not for a numbers game to keep a sales manager happy.