A Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Works Like an Independent Vehicle ConsultantA property buyer’s agent works much like an independent vehicle consultant. Let’s assume you’re in the market to buy a specific car like a red Chevy Trailblazer 4×4 with black leather interior, and you walk into a Chevrolet dealership to find one. Who do those ‘friendly’ salespeople work for? They work for the dealer, of course! They’ll attempt to get you to buy with every tactic in the book. Do you feel uncomfortable? Of course you do.

What if an independent vehicle consultant worked for you to find your specific vehicle from amongst all the regional Chevy dealerships – someone to handle all negotiations on your behalf? Someone who understands the market and the costs of buying the vehicle – someone who also knows how long a dealer usually takes to sell this car?

Well, you could get all this by simply signing an agreement with your consultant, outlining the following obligations:

  • The consultant solely looks out for your best interests.
  • You agree that the consultant gets paid a pre-determined finder’s fee from the Chevrolet dealer from whom you decide to buy.
  • The consultant will find you the best deal on performance-based remuneration. If he doesn’t find the vehicle you want, he doesn’t get paid.
  • You agree to work with the consultant exclusively.
  • You agree to buy a vehicle from a dealership that will pay your consultant a finder’s fee.

Now, substitute the word ‘home’ for ‘vehicle’ and ‘real estate buyer’s agent’ for ‘consultant’, and you’ve got the same thing. In the real estate industry, the consultant is called a buyer’s agent, and they can work on your behalf to find the perfect home for your family.


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