For most real estate brokers, their day-to-day tasks can get quite busy.  After all, they can be seller’s agents, buyer’s agents, or the dreaded dual agent.  They are busy juggling listing appointments, marketing their listings, scheduling open houses, delivering signs, following up with leads from their yard signs……  So where does that leave their buyer-clients?  Usually waiting.

It’s different at The Buyer’s Agent of Asheville, the area’s only real estate firm solely dedicated to buyer agency.  All our agents do day-in and day-out is tend to their buyer-clients.  We don’t represent sellers or participate in “dual agency.”  Instead we focus all of our efforts on buyer agency.  And our buyer’s are happier because of it.  But don’t take our word for it.  Check our our list of services and see if you think they would benefit you during your home search.  And see what our clients had to say about them at the following link