Relocation to Biltmore Forest: What You Should Know About This Beautiful RegionIf relocation to Biltmore Forest is in the cards for you, you’ll be interested to learn that it’s known as North Carolina’s wealthiest town. When Mrs. George Vanderbilt designed this town near Asheville in Buncombe County, she wanted it to be a community where people of means could lay claim to a part of the beautiful Biltmore Estate.

1,600 acres were earmarked for the development of residential real estate. In all of America, there is no other example of such a town. The natural beauty of the area was preserved, and today, it is the hallmark of Biltmore Forest. Its character was determined and every last detail of the development was carefully planned before one single tree was cut down.

Mrs. Vanderbilt’s idea wasn’t to develop a compound for the elderly or an enclave for the very wealthy, rather a ‘fine’ place for condos, castles and cottages, and a venue for active children, cyclists, runners and walkers. There was a friendly police force, a quaint town hall and an annual Fourth of July parade for children.

Today, Biltmore Forest represents a pleasing balance of seclusion and community togetherness. The average residents are professionals, business people and retirees, many of whom chose relocation from other parts of the country. There are no scheduled activities, no gate houses and no guards – just magnificent surroundings and friendly neighbors.

For people wanting to set up home in the majestic subtlety of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Biltmore Forest is perfect. So, with all this in mind, you can definitely look forward to your pending relocation!