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Visit any retirement community for active senior living, and you’ll probably see the residents charging around on motorized golfing carts heading to the links, rather than chugging around in wheelchairs. In fact, if you don’t move out of the way swiftly, they might just run you down – this is definitely not your Grandma’s old age home!

Today, living in a retirement community is about as popular as Beatlemania in the 60s, and you can bet that all the residents know every word of “A Hard Day’s Night.”

Typically, a retirement community is an age-restricted facility, often located in a suburb or metropolitan area. One member of the household must be at the minimum qualifying age, usually 55. A retirement community is private, gated and secure. Lot sizes are usually small, and the homes tend to be closer together. Sometimes the homes are based on specific models, so they match one another. Most retirement communities offer a laundry service and other amenities.

“Why should I move out of a perfectly comfortable home that’s served me for so many years into a retirement community full of strangers?” Well, here are just four benefits that may change your mind:

Single-Story Living: That troublesome knee won’t have to climb stairs.

Little or No Garden Maintenance: Your retirement community will have a homeowners’ association to see that lawns are mowed, gardens are watered, walks are swept, ice and snow are removed, etc.

Birds of a Feather: Your neighbors are people just like you – not loud teenagers on skateboards. You are likely to make friends quickly.

Resort Lifestyle: There are lots of fun activities within an easy commute or walking distance. There may even be planned parties and events, just for members of the retirement community.

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