Geocaching AshevilleCall it a fad or a new reason to get outdoors, but geocaching is taking Asheville and the Western North Carolina mountains by storm. Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game that families, friends, and kids are raving about.

Geocaching involves participants navigating to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempting to find the goecache (container) hidden at that location. The game is fun, and it is a great Asheville summer activity. By getting outdoors and mapping out locations and discovering treasures, you will discover nature and get some physical exercice.

The game is played via Sign in or sign up to download the app and search your postal code in the Hide and Seek a Cache page to discover GPS coordinates in the area you want to discover. Once you discover the hidden treasure, sign in and log your findings. The cool part, you can take the treasure, however you must replace it with something of equal or greater value.

Geocaching is becoming popular all over the globe! Here are some of our favorite Geocaching locations in and around Asheville:

#1 – God Kissed The Earth and Called It Asheville -

#2- The Asheville Urban Trail –

#3- Beaver Lake One-Step –

There are many geocaching stops. Find them at, or create your own treasure hunt for others to follow. Get outdoors this summer and soak up the beauty of Asheville, its history, and its mountains.

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