Buying a home can be stressful. It is technically shopping, something most love or hate. However buying a shirt or pair of shoes hardly compares to house hunting. A new house feels more permanent, and the place where you will hang your clothing and stay a while. So how do you know if you have found the right house for you? Here are a couple of “Must Do’s” while house hunting.

  1. Flush the Toilets – Yes this may sound funny to you, however it is a big deal. Flush the toilets, turn on the showers, and test the faucets. This will help you know if their is a water pressure issue, after all what is more annoying then taking a shower with low water pressure?
  2. Enter the Basement – If there is a basement, you must enter and poke your head around. You want to know what is there, and you also want to see if their are signs of water damage. Plus, you never know your utility room may be located there, and it is always a good idea to check out the water heater, or look for signs of unusual electrical wiring.
  3. Check The Property Lines – Know exactly where your property ends and begins, especially if you have plans for outdoor landscaping or fencing. It’s a good idea to know the exact details of the property size and limitations.
  4. Meet The Neighbors – Awkward. You may not even buy this home, yet if you are seriously considering, it may be an ideal thing to meet the neighbors. What if all the neighbors are empty nesters are you have a young family. It may not make or break the deal, but it might be good to know.
  5. Investigate the Storage – Do you need closet space? What about storage space. Some homes will have limited space, and some homes will have ample space. Neither is right or wrong, however you need to decide what is good for you.
  6. Ask Questions – Ask your Asheville real estate agent questions. Learn about the neighborhood, the community, the access to amenities, or tough questions about the house.
  7. Get a Home Inspection – When you have found the one, be sure to have a home inspection. Your agent will help you in booking a quality home inspector. Even though you’ve done the initial dirty work, these professionals are trained to evaluate the home thoroughly.


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