Let’s face it, winter can be a little brutal when it comes to keeping the house warm. These 8 low-cost, energy-efficient ideas for keeping the cold out may be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to cold days.

1. Window film insulators : These can be found at local hardware stores and are great for covering the windows to keep the cool air outside instead of in. Windows are often a source for cool air leaks. This removable film is similar to plastic ‘contact’ used to cover on school books.

2. Move the sofa!  Is your sofa covering your heat source? If you said yes, you are most certainly wasting money heating something that doesn’t need heating. As the days and weeks become colder, rearrange your furniture away from heat vents or radiators to get heat into the room.

five-things-to-love-sunset3. A good ol’ fashioned door snake. Door snakes are such a simple way to stop cold draughts in their tracks. They’re cheap to buy and easy to find online, but if you need a quick fix right now – you can run a towel along the bottom of a door for a makeshift draught stopper.

5. Put an extra blanket under your bottom sheet so it forms an insulating barrier between you and your mattress. Even if you have a mattress topper, the extra blanket will add another level of warmth. If it’s really cold, try a wool blanket for extra warmth.

6. Hot water bottle or a rice bag/wheat bag – Cozy up to a rice or wheat bag warmed up in the microwave. It is snuggly and warm! Another option is to boil water and add to your water bottle, or sip some warm tea!

7. When all else fails, get moving!  Our bodies can generate heat without any external assistance. Physical activity is the simplest, cheapest and most eco-friendly way to warm your body. When you feel to cold, it may be hard to get motivated, but it will turn up the heat and make you feel good!

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