Camp Daniel Boone, located at the base of Cold Mountain in Haywood County, serves more than 4,000 scouts a year who enjoy shooting, swimming, hiking, riding horses, and earning merit badges. Boy Scout Troop 85 attends each year, with a special mission in mind.

Scoutmaster and one of the Buyer’s Agent team members, Randall Barnett, leads troop 85, North Carolina’s only scout troop devoted to developmentally and physically challenged scouts. Each summer, Barnett brings Troop 85 to an accessible campsite to build fires, pitch a tent, and participate in outdoor activitie. Physical challenges may limit them from earning merit badges or medals, however the boys embrace the identity of what is means to be a boy scout, “honoring to do their best.”

This camp builds character and proves that Troop 85 that they are loyal, trustworhty, kind, brave, and courteous, and have the dedication to growth and comradery.

The Buyer’s Agent is proud of Randall Barnett and his continued commitment to the community and Troop 85.

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