Asheville Real Estate

What People Are Looking For In Their Asheville Home

Top Outdoor Design Elements

1. Gardens and landscaped spaces

2. Outdoor living spaces (kitchens, entertainment spaces)

3. Outdoor recreation amenities (pools, spas, tennis courts)

4. Sustainable design practices

Top Outdoor Living Features

1. Lighting

2. Seating/dining areas

3. Fire pits/fireplaces

4. Grills

Top Outdoor Recreation Amenities

1. Decorative water elements, such as ornamental pools, splash pools, waterfalls, grottos, water runnels, or bubblers

2. Spa features (hot tub, Jacuzzi, whirlpools, indoor/outdoor sauna)

3. Swimming pools

4. Sports/recreational spaces (tennis courts, bocce ball, etc.)

Top Landscape/Garden Elements

1. Low maintenance landscapes

2. Native plants – Learn how to landscape with native plants at the Home, Garden & Green Living Show, Saturday March 21st @ 3pm. Tickets to the show are $7, save $1 with Manna Food Bank Donation.

3. Fountains/ornamental water features

4. Food/vegetable gardens (including orchards/vineyards, etc.

Top Sustainable Design Elements

1. Native/adapted drought-tolerant plants

2. Drip/water-efficient irrigation

3. Permeable paving

4. Reduced lawn

Top Outdoor Structures

1. Terraces/patios/decks

2. Fencing (includes gates)

3. Pergolas

4. Decks

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