What do you think of the ever-changing landscape of Asheville, North Carolina? The small mountain town known for breweries and culinary explorations has become quite popular. With more than 9 million visitors a year, Asheville has catapulted to the National Scene, and with that comes growth.

Over the past couple of years new hotels have been announced and built. The skyline has been filling up with cranes and new hotels for some time now. Parking has been a major question, as has keeping the integrity of the local, urban scene. Which has posed the question among the City Council, should Asheville put more restrictions on its growth?

The idea is to limit new projects by asking developers to get approval from the council on buildings exceeding 100,000 square feet or hotels housing more than 25 rooms. Currently there are no restrictions in place for hotels other than buildings encompassing more than 175,000 square feet or built taller than 145 feet in height.

“Keep Asheville Weird” is the famous bumper sticker from our small mountain town. Does limiting growth help keep this city vibrant and an impromptu paradise? Or, should Asheville continue to grow and change? What are your thoughts about what is good for the City of Asheville?

Limit Hotel and Building Growth within City limits?


Keep Asheville Growing and Changing?

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