The Buyer’s Agent clients average over $20,000 savings per transaction!

Working with a Buyer’s Agent saves you money on your Asheville Home purchase by:
  • Negotiating a lower sales price
  • Negotiating repairs pursuant to property inspections
  • Negotiating personal property into the sales price
  • Helping you find the lowest mortgage costs and negotiating sellers into paying closing costs
  • Obtaining home warranties and other extras within the final sales price.
Many people ask us why we would want to negotiate the lowest price as it impacts our commission. Consider this:

For every $10,000 we save you, the commission is reduced by approximately $300. In the long run, the referrals we receive from our satisfied clients more than makes up for this small amount, and provide us with word-of-mouth advertising that is priceless.

Call (828) 210-4663 or fill out the form below and let The Buyer’s Agent of Asheville save you thousands of dollars with your future home purchase.

About The Buyer’s Agent of Asheville

The Buyer’s Agent of Asheville is dedicated to help clients find homes they can adore and afford.

With its team of 10 experienced real estate brokers, The Buyer’s Agent of Asheville has been loyally assisting home buyers in the Asheville, North Carolina area. We’re focused to search for ideal homes without distractions, shady deals, and conflicts of interest.