Asheville Real Estate Buyer's AgentAs a prospective home buyer, you aren’t fully represented unless your real estate broker is a buyer’s agent. Why is this? Your broker could be representing the seller, making the transaction details slightly blurry. If a broker represents both sides (this is call dual representation), how does he or she choose a side to fight for during negotiations? It’s hard to ask have one party’s best interest when you are working both sides of the deal.

For lots of good reasons, you wouldn’t go into a contested divorce case without a lawyer, or worse, follow the advice of your spouse’s lawyer. Why then, would you purchase a home – an adversarial procedure (no matter how amicable everyone involved in it seems to be) – without someone on your side?

A good real estate broker will listen and understand your needs, wants & budget, searching the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to find properties that meet your criteria. In addition, he or she may also obtain a list of FSBO (For-Sale-By-Owner) homes. It is important that you communicate exactly what you are looking for in a home to make the process as efficient and as quick as possible. Making appointments for you to view only homes that seem to be the best fit, saving you the inconvenience of having to drive through neighborhood after neighborhood in search of your ideal home.

Your REALTOR® should understand your time is valuable. Working with you and for you. Good agents will pay attention to every detail and fight for you best interest in negotiations.

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