real estate in AshevilleIf you find yourself in the position to be investing in real estate, Asheville, NC presents a golden opportunity.  Purchasing real estate in Asheville is quite likely to prove lucrative in the coming years, as it is presently a city of less than 100,000 but has a lot going for it and will likely grow quickly.

It has an arts community that is expanding and attracting increasing interest. It is also enshrouded in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which offer captivating vistas all around town.  This also means that there are many activities for residents and tourists alike. Furthermore, it is one of the few locations in the eastern U.S with a natural hot spring, which also will attract a number of tourists into the area.

Also to consider is that 59% of the housing is fully detached single family homes, which are quite coveted pieces of real estate in a growing city that has the potential to attract increasing numbers of both residents and visitors in the coming years.  Whether you want to transform acquired property into rental spaces or buy and flip homes, Asheville has a lot going for it.

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