consumer electronics show home automationThe Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an annual event showcasing the latest in technology and electronics. The 2015 show kicks off January 6, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV, and discovery of the hot and trendy items for consumers will be on. We have investigated what will be showcased to enhance your home, and it appears mobile technology will be a primary focus. Let’s take a look…

1. The hot item? 4K TVs. Over the holidays, we had an opportunity to visit relatives, and often it can be a spectator event viewing old school household electronic items, such as televisions. Each year the household television seems to get sleeker, larger, or better picture quality. This holds true for 2015. 4K TVs are capable of displaying four times the resolution of today’s HD sets, and over 100 varieties will be shown off at CES. It is anticipated that the 4K TVs will be the hot item for consumers over the next 3-4 years, and then we will be off to 8k. Where do we go from here? I remember when plasma TVs were the “in” item, and that did not last very long!

2. Must have? Connection! We are in a connection economy, so naturally emphasis of wireless connection in the home is a huge theme this year. The push is to control your home from your smartphone. Possibly, control your life with a smart home! Home automation will focus on the ability to control appliances, keyless entry doors, lightbulbs, thermostats, beds, and more from the palm of your hand. We expect to see big developments in wireless technology at CES, especially with a conference dedicated to how mobile is fundamentally changing our future.

3. And if you want to be cool? Why not have the first self-driving car in your garage? Automakers will be displaying the latest in available tech for your car. Everything from in-car Internet (will we see pop up screens and keyboards?) and smartphone syncing, to  Apple’s CarPlay. I hope to discover that a computer update will add CarPlay to my vehicle, however thats the point of new and better right? To get consumers like me to buy new!

CES showcases the best technology, and every year we seem to take it further and further. With so many smartphones and tablets in the market, the trend will be to run your entire house from wherever you are in the world. As technology advances, it will become less expensive for the average consumer. Are we relying on tech too much? Or will we soon be flying in the air like the Jetson’s?

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