What Dual Agency Means For Your Asheville Home Buying Process.

You are searching for a new home. You decide to drive around on the weekend looking at neighborhoods and potential homes that may fit your budget, lifestyle, or dreams. Deciding to go inside to an open house, you meet a REALTOR® who is showing the home. You probably already know someone in the real estate profession, but have not asked them about homes, because you were not ready to commit to a move.

The agent hosting the open house talks to you about how they may be able to help you with purchasing this house or another one. You really love the house, it is just about perfect, and you are ready to make an offer. Maybe you need to sleep on the thought. The house may be perfect, but what you may not realize, is this agent is also the listing agent.

What does that mean?

When a home goes on the market, it is listed with a REALTOR®, referred to as the “Listing Agent”. The listing agent is responsible for helping to market the house, setting up open houses, and working with potential buyers. When you are ready to buy, you work with a real estate professional, a “Buyer’s Agent”, that helps you find potential homes and negotiates on your behalf. There are two sides to the transaction, buying and selling.

When you work with the same agent on both sides, it is called dual agency. The listing agent and selling agent are one in the same. Now this is not always a negative experience, however you do need to be aware. Think of it this way. If you were going to court, would you have an attorney represent both the petitioner and defendant? No. There is an attorney on both sides arguing the case in front of a judge.

In real estate, it is one in the same. Having a home buyer’s agent can help in the long run. Having a dedicated, experienced agent on your side can help you negotiate through all the big and small things in a new home purchase. Whether it is over something that needs to be fixed, price, or something more, having an agent on your side is invaluable.

Contacting the listing agent from an open house to purchase a home you fell in love with, could potentially have a financial impact on your pocket book. A dual agent may not negotiate the purchase price or repair consideration, as he/she is very familiar with both sides of the transaction.

Something to consider when buying your next Asheville home.

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