Imagine traveling half an hour from your home to experience a picturesque fall-time view like the one below and breathing in the fresh mountain air.  Then, imagine that your home is situated on the outskirts or in the suburbs of a small city, rich with great food and art.  Better yet, imagine looking out the window of your condominium to see the view below.  Whether you wish to spend your retirement out in the suburbs or right in the heart of the city, this is the perfect community for you.

In fact, this is part of what the city of Asheville, North Carolina has to offer.  And, this is the type of living that you can experience if you spend your retirement in this wonderful community.

Asheville is situated in Western North Carolina with the Blue Ridge Mountains serving as the backdrop to this charming city.  If you wish to enjoy a peaceful retirement community enveloped by tantalizing vistas of mountains, as well as a small city of 84,458 people that has a reputation for its abundance of arts and culture, Asheville is for you.

If you want to lead a more active lifestyle, you can do that also.  There are countless activities to be enjoyed in Asheville, including hiking and golf.  There are numerous hiking trails and golf courses within a short drive of the city.  Whether you want to experience the benefits of living in a small city and having an active social life, or are more content to simply bask in the splendor of the scenery, Asheville has you covered.

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