Places to Go In and Around Asheville, North Carolina For The Small Hometown Feel


Construction and crowds of people have been some of the biggest complaints from Asheville locals. As the city continues to win popularity contests in National publications, it draws crowds of people, especially in the fall during leaf season. 

So, where can one go to avoid the crowds and still enjoy all the city has to offer?


Marshall, North Carolina 

Located just beyond Weaverville approximately 20 minutes is the quaint river town of Marshall. Its historic main street is beginning to thrive. Have breakfast or lunch at Sweet Monkey Cafe, enjoy a beer at Mad Co. Brew House (Madison County’s first brewery), or make dinner reservations for Star Diner



Asheville Art Museum 

Newly renovated and full of intoxicating visual art, the Asheville Art Museum is a great place to spend for the creative and those seeking some mindfulness time. Include some time to taste small bites in the new sculpture garden surrounded almost entirely by glass, from Perspective Café, also serving wine and beer.


Yoga In Nature

Locals love their yoga, but why not combine a hike and yoga in the great outdoors. Namasté in Nature combines yoga, hiking, and waterfalls for a unique outdoor Asheville experience. 


East Asheville Coffee

Coffee is similar to yoga studios, there is a location in every part of town. Filo in East Asheville serves as a coffee shop by day, and Post 70 Indulgence Bar cocktail and small plate hot spot by night.


Crucible Glassworks

For an adventure or friend gathering, schedule a glass blowing class or attend a workshop at Crucible Glassworks in Weaverville. Glass blowing is something unique, fun, and enjoyable for everyone. 


Don’t take our word for it. Asheville is full of surprises and there is an activity, restaurant, or bar, for everyone in your group. 

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